Printable Workbooks for Boosting Metacognition & Self-Regulation

We’ve created four printable workbooks that aim to foster metacognition, self-regulated learning behaviours and general student reflection in relation to the learning process.

They are useful because they provide regularity and structure to students’ metacognitive reflections as well as visible evidence of metacognition and self-regulation that can be used by teachers/educators for determining the needs of their students.

Each of the workbooks has a slightly different approach and this article summarises how to use it each one. The first two are substantial (100+ page) workbooks and have a more comprehensive scope, whereas the latter two are printable booklets with a more narrow scope.


1) The Learning Power Journal (download here)

· Structured metacognition diary

· Daily quick reflection activities & discussions

· Ideal for form-time

· Also great for home-learning

Our most popular printable workbook is ‘The Learning Power Journal’ (downloadable here) which includes short (10 minute) daily reflection activities designed to trigger metacognition, foster self-regulated learning behaviours and boost learning power.

The clear structure, variety of activities and engaging design make it ideal for short daily reflections that students can engage with at the start of each school day. Using The Learning Power Journal is an ideal solution for school-leaders who need a visible, regular and well-structured solution to developing metacognition across a large cohort of learners. Metacognitive reflections tasks and activities are structured for a day-by-day, week-by-week practice that covers the entire school year.

This workbook is a substantial resource and contains over 100 pages of activities! Click here to take a look inside and view a sample! Here's a quick preview...


2) The Metacognition Reflection Workbook (download here)

· Better for less frequent/regular use

· Contains more substantial metacognitive reflection tasks than (1)

· Ideal for one-to-one work with students who have Special Educational Needs (SEN)

· Also suitable for learning at home

The ‘Metacognitive Reflection Workbook’ (downloadable here) has more substantial metacognitive activities which can be completed on a less regular basis. This printable workbook is more suitable to individual teachers who won’t be working with students on a daily basis: it also allows for greater learner autonomy - you might allow students to choose which of the tasks in the Metacognition Reflection Workbook they complete. This workbook focuses on general student-reflection in relation to how they learn and boost learn (metacognitive knowledge) and how they can become more effective learners over time (metacognitive regulation).

The main aims of it are:

· To encourage reflection on how to boost metacognitive powers

· To practice metacognitive skills (such as independent learning & research skills)

· To increase vocabulary relating to metacognition and learning-power

· To instil a 'growth mindset'

· To cause students to reflect on how they learn best

This workbook, like The Learning Power Journal, is a substantial resource with over 100 pages of activities! Here's a preview...


3) The Revision Strategy Battle Planner (download here)

· To be used in relation to a single school subject

· Focused specifically on revision strategy

The Revision Strategy Battle Planner is designed especially for students preparing for formal examinations (e.g. GCSE students). It is features six sides of revision-planning activities it is designed to be printed onto four double-sided pages (thus making it a much less substantial resource than the other two): it is designed to help students reflect on how best to prepare for the their exams in a particular subject.

The Revision Strategy Battle Planner is an ideal intervention with students who are struggling to get on top of their revision and failing to take responsibility for planning an effective revision strategy. The workbook includes reflection tasks that focus on:

· Student strengths & weaknesses

· Effective approaches to revision

· Subject-knowledge evaluation

· Revision planning

· Revision strategy

· Target-setting

This resource has an engaging 'Battle Planning' theme, it's suitable for all school subjects but might be of particular interest to teachers of history due to it's aesthetic/theme...

Click here to look inside or have a look at the preview images here...


4) Video-Learning Workbook (download here)

· Ideal for structuring homework around educational video links

· An excellent way to supplement home-learning provisions

The Video-Learning Workbook is designed to facilitate learning from educational videos. There are so many amazing documentaries and videos students can learn from today: this workbook helps them to get the most out of such learning opportunities.

The printable workbook develops independent learning skills, note-taking skills and mind-mapping skills in relation to videos and documentaries. It includes ten learning-sessions over twenty pages: teachers simply need to give students a copy of the workbook and the details of the videos they need to watch for each session.

Here's a look inside...


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