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Our mission is to help educators and educational leaders around the world foster metacognition and develop self-regulated learning. We specialise in secondary education and focus on those working with students aged 11-16.

What We Offer


Self-regulated learning involves students taking greater control of their learning-processes whilst exercising increased autonomy and independence in their approach to learning. Metacognition is the cognitive aspect of self-regulated learning; sometimes defined as 'thinking about thinking', metacognition is the awareness and understanding of thought and thinking processes.


In practice both metacognition and self-regulated learning involve students engaging in a continuous cycle of planning, monitoring, evaluating and regulating their approaches to learning and problem-solving.

How To Download Resources

We have created a wide range of teaching resources that are suitable for teachers of any subject hoping to boost metacognition and encourage self-regulated learning behaviours. There are a number of ways to download them:

  1. Join  Us - Download Everything!
    The best way to gain access to our complete range of premium teaching resources is to join us by purchasing a membership plan (here). If you have a membership plan you can access our 'Members Area' (here) where you can download all of our teaching resources and in-house CPD training resources.

    You will also have instant access to new resources as they are released whilst your plan is active. We have created different plans for individual educators, school departments & whole-schools: whichever plan you select this is the best value way to access all our resources.


  2. Download Resources Individually
    You can browse and download individual premium resources through our online shop here. Resources downloaded individually include a whole-school license for up to fifty users so that you can share your new resources with colleagues in your school.


  3. Resource Bundles
    We've created useful bundles of individual metacognition resources here for those looking to save money. 


  4. Free Resources
    We have a range of free metacognition & self-regulated learning teaching resources you can download here. In addition to these, we've uploaded some additional free resources to the 'Files' section of our Facebook working group here - this is a great group to find and share free resources.

    You will also occasionally find exclusive free resources that can only be found in our blog so make sure you subscribe to our free mailing list so that you don't miss them!

Other Information

The Global Metacognition Institute is based in the United Kingdom

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