The Metacognitive Workbook (Printable)
  • Due to school closures we have reduced the price of this printable workbook in the hope that students can continue to reflect on how to learn best and how to maximise their learning power whilst they work at home. Downloading this resource allows print as many workbooks as your school needs!

    This colourful and engaging printable A4 workbook features over 100 pages of professionally designed learning and reflection activities focused on metacognition, metacognitive strategies and self-regulated learning. Make sure you have a look at the preview images to see the high-quality of this resource!

    Some of the activities included in the workbook are:

    • Key-word matches
    • Reading comprehensions
    • Mind-Map Tasks
    • Crossword Puzzles
    • Ranking, rating & sorting tasks
    • Agree/Disagree Tables
    • Internet research & independent learning tasks
    • Creative writing and design tasks


    Ideally this workbook should be printed on double-sided A4 paper, in colour, and bound to make a workbook that students can work on over longer periods. However, the workbook could also be viewed as a large collection of individual worksheets that can be printed off and used one-by-one as needs be.


    It is a substantial resource that is suitable for any student aged 11-16, the main aims of it are:

    1. To encourage reflection on how to boost metacognitive powers
    2. To practice metacognitive skills (such as independent learning & research skills)
    3. To increase vocabulary relating to metacognition and learning-power
    4. To instil a 'growth mindset'
    5. To cause students to reflect on how they learn best


      This download includes:

      • The Metacognitive Workbook (.doc)
      • The Metacognitive Workbook (.pdf)
      • Puzzle Answers (.doc)
      • Empty templates in case you wish to make your own activiti