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Join Our Affiliate Program

Become an affiliate for The Global Metacognition Institute and help teachers and schools around the world create more effective learners! You'll earn 50% on all sales of individual and bundled teaching resources!

Further Details

  • Our resources are suitable for teachers, educators, and schools who work with students aged 11-16. You should target this market. All our products are digital downloads.

  • Our resources help students to think about how they can be more effective learners by fostering self-regulated learning skills and developing 'metacognition' (the ability to think deeply about the learning strategies they use and to choose them more effectively)

  • Resources are suitable for teachers of all subjects who work with students aged 11-16. They are relevant to teachers all around the world who are teaching in English.

  • You will earn 50% commission on all sales of Individual Metacognition Teaching Resources and Teaching Resource Bundles - membership plan sales are not included in the scheme.

  • You may also choose to focus on selling our In-House Teacher Training CPD Resources, which are included in this program. These are used by schools to train teachers about metacognition and self-regulated learning.

  • Tracking cookies register all sales generated by your links within 30 days of a customer's initial click - this means if a person visits our site but makes a purchase later (within 30 days) you'll get commission.

  • Marketing via social media marketing is a great way to generate sales. Sharing affiliate links to resources (which you can get through your affiliate dashboard) in relevant groups has proven to be an effective strategy.

  • Sales and commission is tracked via 'GoAffPro'.

  • Pay-outs are made via PayPal once a minimum payment threshold of £50 is met

  • This affiliate program is run in good faith: we want to work with long-term affiliates for mutual benefit. Affiliates who use deception to make sales will not be paid, affiliate commission cannot be accrued by purchases made by affiliates nor can customers of The Global Metacognition Institute become affiliates. Affiliates who bring our organisation into disrepute by flagrantly unethical or deceptive practices will be eliminated from the scheme without pay and may face legal action.

Track Your Earnings Using The Affiliate App

You can choose to use our affiliate app in order to manage your links, earnings, and pay-outs...

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