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Download our entire suite of over fifty teaching resources to boost reflective learning, metacognition and self-regulated learning  with your students today! Register your plan here...

To access our complete range of metacognition tools: click here to register a basic account, log in using the button by the navigation bar, then select a subscription plan below. Plan-holders can download all of our teaching resources from the Members Area file-sharing system.

  • Individual

    Every year
    Single User License
    • Download All 50+ Teaching Resources
    • Access To Partnership Resources
    • For Individual Teachers & Educators
    • Single User License
  • Department

    Every year
    Licensed for up to 20 Users
    • Download All 50+ Teaching Resources
    • Includes In-House CPD Resources
    • Access To All Partnership Resources
    • Ideal for Department Heads & Subject Leaders
    • Department License (Max. 20 Teachers)


    Every year
    Licensed for up to 200 Users
    • Download All 50+ Teaching Resources
    • Includes In-House CPD Resources
    • Online Teacher Training for All Staff
    • Access To Partnership Resources
    • The Best Choice for Senior Leadership
    • Whole-School License (Max. 500 Teachers)

for enhancing metacognition & self-regulated learning
with students aged 11-18

Plans renew automatically. By signing-up to a Membership Plan you agree to the Terms & Conditions which can be read here.

Our R​esources Are for Teachers, Educators, and Entire Schools!


They focus on:

  • Metacognition & Metacognitive Strategies

  • Reflective Learning & Student Reflection Time

  • Self-Regulated Learning

  • Study-Skill Development

  • Independent Learning

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Our metacognition and self-regulated learning teaching resources are suitable for teachers of all school subjects and are designed for use with students aged  11-18.

A membership plan grants you access to the Member's Area. The Member's Area allows you to download our entire range of metacognition & self-regulated learning resources. Plan holders also have access to our new resources as they are released.


Department Plans & Whole-School plans include access to in-house teacher training resources focused on metacognition and self-regulated learning. Whole School Plans also include free access to our popular online training course focused on metacognition and self-regulated learning.

Once you have registered and purchased your plan, use the main menu to access the 'Member's Area' where you can download our complete range of resources using our integrated file-sharing system. 

Whole-School Plans include access to our online teacher-training course for all teaching staff!
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A Complete Teacher Training Solution: In-House & Online CPD


The Whole-School Plan includes access to our online training course as well as complete materials for leading in-house CPD focused on metacognition and self-regulated learning. It comprises a comprehensive solution for leaders in education who seek whole-school improvement when it comes to metacognition and self-regulated learning: Whole-School plan holders have access to all the teaching resources, in-house CPD training resources, and online teacher-training provisions.

The Global Metacognition Institute
Specialist teaching resources for metacognition, self-regulated learning & reflective learning...

By signing-up to a Membership Plan you agree to the Terms & Conditions which can be read here.

Please note the following terms and conditions, which you agree to by signing-up: these are subscriptions plans which recur annually, subscriptions automatically renew. Subscribers (plan-holders) can cancel their subscription at any time thus preventing a future renewal and ongoing charges: responsibility for cancelling the plan is entirely on the individual who signs-up, though we will facilitate plan cancellations if this individual is unable to cancel it themselves for some reason. If you need help cancelling your plan just get in touch using our 'Contact Us' page: we are happy to facilitate plan cancellation. However, we do not offer refunds for payments that have already been made under any circumstances.

Under no circumstances do we offer refunds for plan payments. This includes payments that are made as a result of users failing to cancel their plan.

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