The Metacognition Workbook - This Month's Metacognition Teaching Resource Spotlight

Each month we take a closer look at one of the metacognition or self-regulated learning teaching resource that we offer. The aim of self-regulated learning is to empower students to take control of their own learning-processes; metacognition is the cognitive aspect of self-regulated learning and emphasises the awareness, understanding & regulation of thought.

Reading these monthly posts can contribute to your continued professional development and give you new ideas for classroom practice: why not try a new resource each month and, slowly but surely, become a master of metacognition! Perhaps you’ll be inspired to make a new resource to use with your students or, if you’d like to save time, you might download and try one of the resources from our site.

Our teaching resources are aimed at teachers of students aged 11-16 and can be used by all teachers: regardless of their subject-specialism. They emphasise student-reflection, metacognition and self-regulation.

This month we’re looking at The Metacognition Printable Workbook. Links to order and download the resource can be found at the bottom of the article or you can click here.


What Is The Metacognition Workbook?

A printable activity booklet with over one-hundred pages of activities designed to foster metacognition, student-reflection and self-regulated learning.


What Is The Metacognition Workbook For?

The purpose of the workbook is to help students to reflect on how they learn best, what impacts their learning, and how to work with their strengths and weaknesses as learners. The focus of the workbook is: metacognition, study-skills, motivation, self-regulated learning and boosting learning power.


How Do I Use The Metacognition Workbook?

The workbook is designed so that teachers or schools can print off their own copies: ideally these should be bound as booklets and printed in colour. It has a number of potential uses:

  • One-to-one sessions with students with Special Educational Needs

  • A class workbook to be revisited occasionally by the class as a whole

  • A daily activity for Form-Tutors who see the same group of students each day

  • A long-term homework booklet

  • An intervention to be used in detentions with students who are struggling with engagement and direction

Some of the activities included in the workbook are:

  1. Key-word matches

  2. Reading comprehensions

  3. Mind-Map Tasks

  4. Crossword Puzzles

  5. Ranking, rating & sorting tasks

  6. Agree/Disagree Tables

  7. Internet research & independent learning tasks

  8. Creative writing and design tasks


How Does It Foster Metacognition and Self-Regulated Learning?

All of the activities are focused on student-reflection, self-regulation and metacognition. Students are required throughout to plan, monitor, evaluate and regulate various aspects of their learning processes and broader learning journey.


Which Teachers Can Use This?

This is suitable for teachers of any subject, form-tutors, or educational practitioners working with students in small group or one-to-one settings (e.g. in a SEN Department or as an Educational Psychologist).


To Which Students Is It Most Suited?

The workbook is for all students aged 11-16: it is suitable for students of high and low abilities and has been a popular resource amongst those working with Special Educational Needs. It is also a useful form of intervention for students who are falling behind.


How Else Does The Metacognitive Workbook Benefit Students?

The workbook has a strong focus on growth mindset throughout. The workbook encourages the development of independent research and study skills as some of the tasks call on the student to engage in internet research. Some of the activities also address students' attitudes to learning and motivational issues relating to their work.


Where Can I Get It?

This resource can be ordered or downloaded by clicking here. Membership Plan holders can download it freely via the ‘Member’s Area’ by clicking here. You can browse our other metacognition and self-regulated learning-resources here.

You can also use the site menu to navigate and download our large collection of metacognition & self-regulated learning teaching resources. Don’t forget to check-out the ‘Free Downloads’ section of the site!