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Download our FREE metacognition & self-regulated learning teaching resources!

These metacognitive teaching tools are ideal for teachers of students aged 11-18.

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Reflective Learning Lesson

metacognitive strategies.png
metacognitive strategies.png


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Target Setting Workhsheet

metacognitive strategies.png
metacognitive strategies.png

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Our resources focus on metacognition, student reflection, and self-regulated learning!

Metacognition Self Regulated Learning Reflective Learning Teaching Resources Schools Class

Our free metacognition teaching tools serve as samples for our massive collection of metacognition and self-regulated learning teaching resources that you can browse here - you can access all of our metacognition teaching resources in the Members Area if you register a Membership Plan with us: this is the most cost-effective way of accessing all of our teaching resources. We've created a range of over forty metacognition teaching resources!

Those wishing to start a Whole-School Metacognition & Self-Regulated Learning initiative should register a 'Whole-School Plan' which includes both a license for all the teachers and support staff in your school to use the entire suite of metacognition teaching resources, in-house CPD training materials, as well as access to our online CPD course. The Whole-School Plan also includes resources for an in-house CPD and teacher-training course focused on metacognition and self-regulated learning. Registering a Whole-School Plan is a comprehensive solution to your school's metacognition and self-regulated learning needs as it includes teaching resources, in-house training materials and access to our online training course.

Our metacognition and self-regulated learning resources are most suited for use with students aged 11-16: with the exception of the 'Metacognition in Mathematics Toolkit' - our teaching resources are suitable for all school subjects.


Five-Minute Student Reflection Tasks

metacognitive strategies.png
metacognitive strategies.png

Learn about metacognition & self-regulated learning with our comprehensive online teacher-training and CPD course!

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Start/Middle/End of Term Worksheets

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metacognitive strategies.png

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