Online CPD Course: Metacognition & Self-Regulated Learning

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The focus of the course is metacognition, metacognitive strategies & self-regulated learning; it's suitable for teachers who work with students aged 11-18.


We've teamed up with Udemy to provide an online course includes:

  • A Printable Reflective Practice Workbook

  • 14 Teaching Resources

  • 10 Video Learning-Sessions

Upon completing the course you will get a certificate of completion from Udemy: you can also apply for an 'Advanced Metacognitive Strategies' certificate from The Global Metacognition Institute if you choose to complete the additional assessment task.

If you would prefer in-house teacher-training resources focused on metacognition and self-regulated learning that you can use with the teachers in your school, you should check-out our in-house metacognition and self-regulated learning CPD units here...


How to Bring Metacognition Into Your Whole School with eLearning...

If you sign-up with a 'Whole-School Plan' you can request that we send you a special link that will allow all of the teachers in your school to sign-up for free*: all of the teachers in your school can gain free access to the eLearning course if your school registers for a 'Whole-School Subscription Plan'!

Once you have signed-up for a Whole-School Plan you are instantly granted access to all our teaching resources via the Members Area. Since a whole-school license for the resources is included with the plan, all of the teachers in your school can have instant access to over thirty-five whole-school teaching resources and tools: our complete suite of metacognition instructional materials!

The resources will allow your teachers to bring metacognition and self-regulated pedagogy to all school subjects; versatile and diverse, this large pack of metacognition teaching resources have been designed with students aged 11-16 in mind.

Once you've ordered a Whole School Plan simply download the resources from the integrated file-share system tin the Members Area and put them on on your school's (secure/private) Local Area Network so that teachers can access them easily.

Using the eLearning course in combination with this new abundance of metacognition teaching resources is brilliant whole-school solution to metacognitive enhancement; the entire teaching staff and their support colleagues can be given the knowledge and the means of implementing a wide range of innovative new metacognitive learning strategies with ease.

Our online training course is hosted on Udemy and can be previewed by clicking here. The normal cost of registration for the course is £99.99/$99.99 which means a substantial amount of money is saved if all of your colleagues sign-up! Once you have requested the special 'free voucher link' you will be able to share it with all of the staff within the school you represent: there are no limits on the number of redemptions!**

You could further enhance this process by not only using the eLearning course and the suite of teaching resources, but also using the in-house CPD resources (for metacognition and self-regulated learning) we mentioned earlier in this article. This is also included in the 'Whole School Plan'!​ This provides a comprehensive solution to bringing metacognition into your whole school very quickly!


TLDR: A quick and easy way to bring metacognition into your whole school is to use the following, three-pronged, approach.

  1. Provision of new teaching resources and tools

  2. Provision of eLearning materials

  3. Running an in-house CPD training course for the teachers

This entire process can be easily facilitated and implemented in mere weeks by signing-up with The Global Metacognition Institute with a Whole-School Plan.


*Please use the 'Contact Us' form to request the link after signing up: we shall work together to time things effectively. **We ask that users do not share the link outside of the school they represent (see Terms & Conditions)


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