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We have created an online CPD course for teachers and educators focused on metacognition and self-regulated learning. Once you have signed-up for a Whole-School Plan (which will grant you access to all our teaching resources via the Members Area) you can request a special link that allows for free course registration.*

This will help the teachers in your school to get the most from your new whole-school metacognition teaching resources. The combination of the new suite of resources (which you should download and put on your school's Local Area Network) with the online training course comprises a powerful whole-school initiative aiming at whole-school enhancement of metacognition, self-regulated learning, and learning power.

Our online training course is hosted on Udemy and can be previewed by clicking here. The normal cost of registration for the course is £99.99/$99.99 which means a substantial amount of money is saved: you can share the link with all of the staff within the school you represent, there are no limits on the number of redemptions. We ask that users do not share the link outside of the school they represent (see Terms & Conditions)

*Please use the 'Contact Us' form to request the link after signing up: this allows us to time things effectively.

Important Information About the Udemy Voucher-Code Links We Will Send

Due to some limitations inherent to the Udemy voucher-code system: the special links we send out expire after 3-days. It is therefore important to have your staff register and sign-up for the course within 3-days of receiving the link (though, once registered, they can complete the course in their own time). We are happy to send more of the 'voucher links' in order to get all of your teaching staff on board if some fail to register in the first three-day window, but please note that, due to technical limitations of the Udemy system, we can only create three per month! For this reason, especially if we are receiving a high-volume of requests, please allow for up-to ten days for voucher-code links to be sent out. 

*Please use the 'Contact Us' form to request the link after signing up: this allows us to time things effectively.

Please read out Terms & Condition before signing-up to a membership plan.
Please note that registering an account with Udemy (and accepting their Terms & Conditions) is a prerequisite for being able to sign-up for the course.

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