Questions That Foster Metacognition in the Classroom

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

We've created the definitive list of metacognitive questions and questions to inspire metacognition in your students and put them on these free printable teacher's prompt-cards.

Teachers can use questioning to help students to identify obstacles to learning a student is facing, foster metacognitive awareness and reflection, and consider alternative approaches to approaching a specific learning-task. At its heart 'Metacognition' simply means monitoring, understanding and regulating the learning-process: appropriate use of questioning by the teacher can be incredibly useful in helping to students to accomplish this.

This free download is especially useful for new teachers, trainee teachers, and teachers wishing to work on their continued professional development with a focus on metacognition and metacognitive strategies.

Click here to download the prompt-card for free...

These question prompt cards aim to bring metacognitive questioning into your teaching practice. Each card has five questions that follow the general themes:

Grey - Before & During Tasks

Blue - After Tasks

Green - Metacognition & Metacognitive Skills

Yellow - Critical Thinking & Higher-Order Thought

Orange - Deep-Metacognition

There are twenty cards and a total of 100 individual metacognitive question prompts.

A teacher with these at their hand will find bringing metacognitive reflection through casual questioning very easy; this in turn will foster metacognitive thinking in their students.

Printing: These cards are meant to be printed 4 per page and then cut accordingly: this makes them a 'pocket-tool' for any educational practitioner. You can keep them as cards (perhaps laminating them) or, if you staple them together, you can make them into a useful booklet of metacognition question prompts quite easily!