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Questions for Metacognition (Prompt Cards for Teachers)

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These question prompt cards aim to bring metacognitive questioning into your teaching practice. Each card has five questions that follow the general themes:

  • Grey - Before & During Tasks

  • Blue - After Tasks

  • Green - Metacognition & Metacognitive Skills

  • Yellow - Critical Thinking & Higher-Order Thought

  • Orange - Deep-Metacognition

There are twenty cards and a total of 100 individual metacognitive question prompts.

A teacher with these at their hand will find bringing metacognitive reflection through casual questioning very easy; this in turn will foster metacognitive thinking in their students.

Printing: These cards are meant to be printed 4 per page and then cut accordingly: this makes them a 'pocket-tool' for any educational practitioner. You can keep them as cards (perhaps laminating them) or, if you staple them together, you can make them into a useful booklet of metacognition question prompts quite easily! 



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Teaching resources for metacognition

Browse our teaching resources for enhanced metacognition and self-regulated learning. Boost learning-power today and help foster reflective learners who can regulate their own learning.

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