Revision Strategy Battle Planner - This Month's Metacognition Teaching Resource Spotlight

Each month we take a closer look at one of the metacognition or self-regulated learning teaching resource that we offer. The aim of self-regulated learning is to empower students to take control of their own learning-processes; metacognition is the cognitive aspect of self-regulated learning and emphasises the awareness, understanding & regulation of thought.

Reading these monthly posts can contribute to your continued professional development and give you new ideas for classroom practice: why not try a new resource each month and, slowly but surely, become a master of metacognition? Perhaps you’ll be inspired to make a new resource to use with your students or, if you’d like to save time, you might download and try one of the resources from our site.

Our teaching resources are aimed at teachers of students aged 11-16 and can be used by all teachers: regardless of their subject-specialism. They emphasise student-reflection, metacognition and self-regulation.

This month we’re looking at The Revision Strategy Battle Planner: a student reflection work-booklet that helps students to develop their revision strategy leading up to public exams. Links to order and download the resource can be found at the bottom of the article or you can click here. You can view a sample of the resource here.


What Is Revision Strategy Battle Planner?

The Revision Strategy Battle Planner is a ‘Battle Plan’ themed work booklet that helps students to create an effective revision strategy in the period leading up to their public exams. It consists of a number of elements:

  • Student reflection activities around their strengths and weaknesses in the subject

  • Student reflection activities surrounding revision techniques, activities and resources

  • Subject-knowledge evaluation activities

  • Activities that encourage the identification of obstacles and solutions how to overcome them

  • A revision schedule that students complete

  • Student-reflections activities around revision tactics

  • Target-setting activities


What Is The Revision Strategy Battle Planner For?

The printable workbook is to help students prepare for public exams by helping them to organise and plan an effective revision strategies.


How Do I Use The Revision Strategy Battle Planner?

Order and download your copy of The Revision Strategy Battle Planner: you can then print off as many booklets as you need for your students. The workbook can be completed by students in lessons or set as a series of homework tasks: it’s an ideal homework task to set over one of the school breaks leading up to final exams.


How Does It Foster Metacognition and Self-Regulated Learning?

The Revision Strategy Battle Planner uses a self-regulated learning approach to revision strategy planning: the various activities encourage students to plan, monitor, evaluate and regulate their learning and, as per self-regulated learning theory, it empowers them to take control of their learning journey.

One of the purposes of the workbook is to encourage student autonomy and help students to reflect on their individual needs when it comes to revision and how best to respond to them.


Which Teachers Can Use This?

This resource is suitable for teachers of any subject, whilst is can be used with younger students it makes more sense to use it with students aged 14-18 who are preparing for public examinations.


To Which Students Is It Most Suited?

This resource is most suited to students who are getting ready for public examinations at the end of their course. It is relevant to students of all abilities.


How Else Does It Benefit Students?

The Revision Strategy Battle Planner has the added benefit of enhancing students’ organisational skills and helping them to practice skills that will be of benefit to them as life-long learners. Once completed it will constitute a useful guide for their revision leading up to exams. Moreover, it further develops reflective learning and independent learning in students.


Where Can I Get It?

This resource can be ordered or downloaded by clicking here.

You can view a sample of the resource here. Membership Plan holders can download it freely via the ‘Member’s Area’ by clicking here. You can browse our other metacognition and self-regulated learning-resources here.

You can also use the site menu to navigate and download our large collection of metacognition & self-regulated learning teaching resources. Don’t forget to check-out the ‘Free Downloads’ section of the site!