Printable Metacognition Bookmarks

Download this unique resource and bring metacognition into the reading skills development process of your learners. Simply print these metacognitive bookmarks off and laminate them: they are engaging, colourful, double-sided, bookmarks that are designed to develop metacognitive reflection, awareness and knowledge.

The metacognition bookmark pack contains ten easy-print .pdf files: one page will create five bookmarks. The focus of the metacognition bookmarks is:

  1. Metacognitive Reflection

  2. Reading Strategies

  3. Reflection Questions

  4. Literacy Development

These resources are suitable for students aged 8-16: they are suitable for any class is making its way through a book; more generally: all students in your school should be reading for fun and will, no doubt, own and be reading books - give them a fun new bookmark to encourage more reading!

These bookmarks are ideal for teachers, educators or educational leaders.

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