Metacognition - Podcasts to Help You Learn about Metacognition

The following five podcast episodes are not made by us: they have been selected for the benefit of our readers who would like to learn more metacognition and enjoy learning through podcasts. We will be releasing future lists of recommended listening so make sure you subscribe to our mailing list below!


1) 'Metacognition: Teaching Students to Drive Their Brains' [ASCD Learn Teach Lead Radio] (listen)

"Marcus Conyers is a doctoral researcher at the University of Westminster and founder of BrainSMART, Inc. Dr. Donna Wilson is an author and psychologist who conducts professional development internationally for teachers, administrators, and policymakers. Their latest book is Teaching Students to Drive Their Brains: Metacognitive Strategies, Activities, and Lesson Ideas (ASCD)."


2) Trialled and tested: Metacognition and self-regulated learning [Trialled & Tested] (listen) "In this episode we’re going to explore a specific piece of information or guidance within the EEF suite of resources and try to bring that to life through discussion with others. In addition, we’ll be providing brief updates from the network of Research Schools around England, to find out what they’re doing to support the use of evidence to improve teaching practice.

In this episode, EBE’s own Jamie Scott talks to Alex Quigley and Megan Dixon to ask what is metacognition and self-regulation and how can approaches be implemented in the classroom? In addition we hear from Caroline Creaby and Roger Higgins from Sandringham and Norwich Research Schools."


3) Developing Metacognition [Tea for Teaching] (listen)

" Many students arrive in our classes with relatively little understanding of how they learn. In this episode, Dr. Judith Boettcher joins us to discuss how well structured project-based or problem-based learning activities can help students develop their metacognitive skills so that they become more successful as learners."


4) Developing Metacognition Skills in our Students [Teaching in Higher Ed] (listen)

"Todd Zakrajsek speaks about developing metacognition skills in our students." [this episode is focused on Higher Education but is very interesting: Zakrajsek is a great authority to have the privilege of hearing share his ideas]


5) What Is Metacognition? Let's Think About It [Classroom Q&A] (listen) " What is metacognition? How do we develop it? How do we teach it? Join us as we think about it together. "