Metacognition in Mathematics: New Teaching Resources

We've compiled the ultimate resource pack for teachers of mathematics who want to enhance metacognition in their lessons. Our whole-school license makes it ideal for bringing new metacognitive strategies to your school's maths department.

The download includes:

  1. A fully-resourced 'Metacognition & Maths' lesson [1 Hour]

  2. Front of book metacognitive planning & monitoring worksheets [x3]

  3. Back of book metacognitive evaluation & regulation worksheets [x3]

  4. Exercise book enhancers: "Help I'm Stuck!" metacognition guides [x2]

  5. Exercise book enhancers: metacognition extension questions & tasks [x2]

  6. Task specific metacognition worksheets [x10]

  7. Mid-lesson metacognition reflection worksheets [x3]

  8. End of lesson metacognition reflection worksheets [x3]

  9. Personal Learning Checklist (PLC) Templates [x2]

  10. Lesson Wrappers [x5]

  11. The Mathematics & Metacognition Debate Generator

  12. The Mathematics & Numeracy 'Think, Pair, Share' Discussion Generator

All resources are for students aged 11-16. The lesson listed above aims to introduce metacognition to mathematics students whilst the other resources support metacognitive teaching practices in the mathematics classroom.