Lesson Wrappers - A Simple Metacognitive Strategy

A lesson wrapper (sometimes known as a 'cognitive wrapper', 'lecture wrapper' or 'metacognitive wrapper') fosters metacognitive reflection, monitoring and regulation at the start and end of a lesson. Usually a worksheet, it features quick reflection tasks for the very start and very end of the lesson.

Lesson wrappers are an effective approach to metacognition which has been shown to boost student attainment. It is best to use lesson wrappers on a regular basis: our collection of ten metacognition lesson wrappers allows teachers to easily cycle through a variety of different formats so as to help maintain student engagement and reflect on a wide array of metacognitive issues.

By downloading this complete set you can cycle between lesson wrappers and give students a variety of metacognitive reflection tasks. This resource saves a great deal of planning time and is a simple way to enhance your teaching practice with the latest metacognitive strategies.

Simply print out one of these ten, double-sided, colour worksheets for your students: they should complete one side at the start of the lesson and one at the end. Each side should take no more than five minutes to complete - they look great!

All our resources are designed for use with students aged 11-16, this one is also perfectly suitable for older students. It is useful for teachers of all subjects.

All our resources include a whole-school license (for up to fifty users) so you can share this with the other teachers in your school!