Check Your Students' Metacognition Levels With Our Student-Friendly Metacognitive Awareness Checker!

The Metacognitive Awareness Inventory is the most well-established way to evaluate levels of metacognitive awareness, we've discussed it in previous articles where you can find links to download it for free. However, we had some emails requesting a more student-friendly version that was designed with younger learners in mind.

We made the following changes to the Metacognitive Awareness Inventory in order to make it more student-friendly, the new version features:

1) A reduced the number of inventory items from 52 to 30

2) Simplified language: making it easier for younger-learners to understand

3) A simplified scoring system: instead of creating scores for eight different aspects of metacognitive awareness we re-balanced the questions so that they produce single metacognitive awareness score that students will find easier to understand and work with.

4) We have added integrated target-setting activities to help students use their result to improve their metacognitive awareness

5) We integrated engaging graphics to make the inventory more appealing for younger learners.

Here is a preview of our new Metacognitive Awareness Checker:

How to get it? We're offering this new resource as an exclusive free gift for customers and site members. If you place an order with us you will receive a 'Thank You Email' that contains a link so that you can download the Metacognitive Awareness Checker at no additional cost. Site members, who have purchased a full membership-plan, can find this resource in the 'Bonus Gifts' section of The Member's Area.