The Global Metacognition Institute is a leading provider of educational resources for fostering metacognition and self-regulated learning with students aged 11-16. We help teachers, educators and entire schools implement metacognitive pedagogy so that their students can increase their metacognitive awareness, utilise metacognitive strategies and internalise the self-regulated learning cycle of planning, monitoring, evaluate and regulating their own approaches to learning. 


Our overarching goal is to help prepare young people for lifelong learning in the information age: enhancing metacognition and self-regulated learning is vital towards this end as it allows students to be more independent learners who can increase their own capacity to learn over time. By working together we can nurture metacognition and boost self-regulated learning.

You can view our selection of free metacognition teaching resources here, download individual metacognitive teaching tools here, or access our entire suite of over forty metacognition teaching tools by registering with The Global Metacognition Institute here.