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Teacher Training Resources: Metacognition & Self-Regulated Learning (Enhanced)
  • The focus of the these teacher-training resources is simple: metacognitive teaching strategies, metacognition & self-regulated learning.


      These easy to use resources are perfect for Continued Professional Development (CPD) and are designed for in-house training, inset days and the general enhancement of teaching skills. As with our other resources, the training materials are aimed at teaching professionals working with students aged 11-16, though they are also useful for those teaching students in further education.


      The full CPD resource contains eight CPD training sessions:


      1. An Introduction to Metacognition & Self-Regulated Learning
      2. Teaching Activities & Strategies for Metacognition & Self-Regulated Learning
      3. Using Debates & Discussions for Metacognition & Self-Regulated Learning
      4. Subject-Specific & Departmental Metacognitive Strategies
      5. Growth Mindset, Self-Regulated Learning & Boosting Brain Power
      6. Skills for Learning, Metacognition & Self-Regulation
      7. Long-Term Strategies for Metacognition & Self-Regulation
      8. Metacognition & DIRT - Dedicated Improvement & Reflection Time


      Each session is designed to last for at least 2 hours: we wanted to include more than enough for 2 hour teacher training sessions so that those delivering the lessons can ‘cut their cloth accordingly’ and adapt resources and timings according to their will. Ideally you should assign different teachers to deliver the different sessions so as to make the training more immersive, interactive, and varied.


      Each session includes a session-plan (akin to a lesson-plan) which provides a rough guide to timings and activities for the session leader. We advise delivering the sessions in the order presented above.


      This is a comprehensive training pack and includes everything you need for a 3-4 day inset.


      This enhanced CPD pack contains the complete teacher-training course as well as additional teaching resources to help your teachers deliver new metacognitive and self-regulation strategies:


      • Metacognition & Self-Regulation Lesson Wrappers (x10) [preview]
      • Assessment & Practice-Exam Wrappers (x5) [preview]
      • A4 Metacognitive Reflection Worksheets (x5) [preview]
      • Metacognition & Self-Regulation Think-Pair-Share Generator [preview]
      • Metacognition & Self-Regulation Four-Corners Game [preview]
      • Metacognition & Self-Regulation Student Workbook [preview]



      Teacher Training Resources: Metacognition & Self-Regulated Learning (Enhanced)

      • Focus: Metacognition, Metacognitive Strategies & Self-Regulated Learning
        Main Aim: Teacher-Training, Enhanced Pedagogy, Reflective & Self-Regulated Learning
        Suitable for teachers of students aged 11-16


        Included Additional Teaching Resources (Enhanced Ed.)

        1. Metacognition & Self-Regulation Lesson Wrappers (x10)
        2. Assessment & Practice-Exam Wrappers (x5)
        3. A4 Metacognitive Reflection Worksheets (x5)
        4. Metacognition & Self-Regulation Think-Pair-Share Generator
        5. Metacognition & Self-Regulation Four-Corners Game
        6. Metacognition & Self-Regulation Student Workbook

        The total value of the included teaching resources when purchased seperately is £34.99.


        License Terms:
        Whole-School License


        System Requirements:
        Microsoft Office
        WinZip (we recommend: 7-Zip or WinRar)
        Windows 7+, 1.5GHZ, 1GB RAM
        File Formats: .doc .pdf. .pptx


        Printing Information:
        This product contains A3 and A4 worksheets


        Copyrighted by The Global Metacognition Institute (2019)
        Strictly not for re-distribution outside of your own school.

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