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Metacognition Tracking Worksheet

Metacognition Tracking Worksheet


This is one of ten metacognition & self-regulated learning tracking worksheets we've created: you can download the complete collection here - it contains tracking worksheets that build metacognition at the start and end of lessons. This tracking worksheet is a long-term metacognitive teaching strategy.

This free metacognition teaching resource download allows for speedy metacognitive reflection at the start of lessons: over time students can see the bigger picture when it comes to their learning power and general preparedness/readiness in lessons. It's a great way to establish some of the central habits behind self-regulated learning and to foster metacognitive reflection.

The worksheet includes a simple explanation of the metacognitive cycle which is useful for students to return to when they are struggling with a particular learning activity. 

How To Use:

  1. Simply print the worksheets off and give one per student

  2. Student are to glue the worksheets into the inside front cover or star of their exercise books

  3. Students should complete one row of the worksheet at the start of each lesson



Download our free sample materials to see the power and effectiveness of metacognition and
self-regulated learning in your school today... 


Teaching resources for metacognition

Browse our teaching resources for enhanced metacognition and self-regulated learning. Boost learning-power today and help foster reflective learners who can regulate their own learning.

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