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Metacognition Worksheet

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This worksheet incorporates pedagogical theories about 'The Metacognitive Cycle' in order to foster metacognitive planning, monitoring, evaluation & regulation with reference to specific learning activities. 

The worksheet is designed to be used with reference to a central learning activity in a given lesson: it is suitable for all subjects and all learning activities. This worksheet is one of ten 'task focused' worksheets that we've made, you can download the complete set here...

How To Use:

  1. Print the file (double-sided) and cut pages into thirds

  2. Give students the worksheet when you set a lesson's main learning activity

  3. Guide students through each stage of the worksheet



Download our free sample materials to see the power and effectiveness of metacognition and
self-regulated learning in your school today... 


Teaching resources for metacognition

Browse our teaching resources for enhanced metacognition and self-regulated learning. Boost learning-power today and help foster reflective learners who can regulate their own learning.

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