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Tutor-Time Metacognition & Self-Regulated Learning Resources
  • This new bundle incorporates some of our latest resources: it is desiged for form-tutors who work with groups of students on a daily-basis.

    The flagship resource of this pack is out new 'Learning Power Journal' which allows for day-by-day, week-by-week, student-reflection in relation to metacognition and self-regulated learning. This download includes ten, twenty & forty-week editions of the workbook depending on your needs. 

    Alongside this powerful resource, the bundle includes a range of debate and discussion activities and games, all focused on boosting learning power.


    This is the perfect bundle for form-tutors hoping to foster reflective and self-regulating learners. Your purchase includes a Whole-School Sharing License which allows you to share your new resources with up to 50 of your colleagues!

    Tutor-Time Metacognition & Self-Regulated Learning Resources

    • Products Included:

      • Tutor-Time Daily Metacognition Workbook (10, 20 & 40 Week Editions)
      • Zero-Prep Assemblies: Self-Regulated Learning & Metacognition (x10)
      • Think, Pair, Share - Metacognition & Self-Regulated Learning Discussion Generator
      • 'The Four Corners' Debate Game
      • 101 Metacognitive Thunks [Philosophical Discussion Questions]
      • A Metacognition & Self-Regulated Learning Poster Set


      Normal Price: £41.99
      Bundle Price: £29.99
      Saving: 25%+


      Key Information:
      Focus: Metacognition & self-regulated learning in daily form-meetings and tutor groups
      Main Aim: Metacognitive reflection, enhancing self-regulation & boosting learning-power
      Suitable for ages 11-16


      License Terms:
      Whole-School License
      Max 50 Users


      System Requirements:
      Microsoft Office
      WinZip (we recommend: 7-Zip or WinRar)
      Windows 7+, 1.5GHZ, 1GB RAM
      File Formats: .doc .pdf. .pptx .zip


      Printing Information:
      This bundle includes a printable, colour, A4 workbook


      Copyrighted by The Global Metacognition Institute (2019)
      Strictly not for re-distribution outside of your own school.

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