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Motivational Reflection Sessions
  • Download this whole-school resource to improve student attitudes, motivation & engagement!

    One of the surest ways to increase motivation is by providing a clear understanding of the reasons, benefits and advantages that come with studying particular subjects. Our thoughts, values, beliefs and attitudes have a huge impact on our capacity to learn: when students reflect deeply on the value of each subject, connecting them to their own lives and clearly seeing the subject's value, it makes a massive difference.


    This download contains over thirty PowerPoints presentations: one for each school subject. The purpose of the presentations is to lead discussions and debates about the value of each subject. Each session contains:


    • A Starter
    • Discussion Prompts
    • Video Links
    • A Writing-Based Assessment Task
    • Plenaries/AfL
    • Debate Prompts


    The general strategy of the sessions is to get students to:

    1. Explore the personal significance of the selected subject
    2. Understand why the subject is taught
    3. Identify the importance of the subject: how it benefits the student and wider community
    4. Determine potential connections to their career ambitions


    Each session follows a standardised format so it's probably best not to use them all at once with students within a short time-frame! They are, nonetheless, a great resource to have available to your teachers so that they can be used as interventions for individuals or groups that are struggling with motivation in a given subject. They're also a fantastic resource to use for 'Introduction Lessons' or open-evening demo lessons: it helps to focus the students' minds on the fundemental reasons for studying a given school subject.


    The preview images show the general approach each session follows, using the 'English Literature' session as an example.

    Motivational Reflection Sessions

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    • Focus: Motivation, Valuing Education, Subject-Specific Engagement

      Main Aim: To increase motivation and to clarify understanding as to why given subjects are valuable and important

      Designed for students aged 11-16


      License Terms:
      Whole-School License


      System Requirements:
      Microsoft Office
      WinZip (we recommend: 7-Zip or WinRar)
      Windows 7+, 1.5GHZ, 1GB RAM
      File Formats: PowerPoint Presentations & .zip

      Copyrighted by The Global Metacognition Institute (2019)
      Strictly not for re-distribution outside of your own school.

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