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The Self-Regulation PowerPoint Pack
  • This new bundle incorporates some of our latest resources: since it focuses on PowerPoint-based resources, this pack is ideal for busy teachers looking for 'zero-prep' ways to boost metacognition and self-regulated learning.

    It is suitable for teachers of any subject and aims to foster self-regulated and reflective learners.

    You can easily incorporate these resources into your own teaching practice and your purchase includes a Whole-School Sharing License which allows you to share the resources with up to 50 of your colleagues at no extra cost!

    This powerful collection of resources can boost an entire school's learning-power once teachers use these unique self-regulated learning teaching-tools in regular practice.

    The Self-Regulation PowerPoint Pack

    • Products Included:

      • The Metacognitive Debate Generator
      • Think, Pair, Share - Metacognition & Self-Regulated Learning Disucssion Generator
      • The Sticky-Note Challenge [Metacognition Dicussion Games]
      • 101 Metacognitive Thinks [Philosophical Questions]
      • Questioning-Skills Training Kit
      • 'The Four Corners' Debate Game
      • Bonus Resource: Exercise Book Enhancers (x5)


      Normal Price: £31.99
      Bundle Price: £21.99
      Saving: 25%+


      Key Information:
      Focus: Self-Regulated Learning, Metacognition & Learning-Power
      Main Aim: To foster self-regulating learners and boost metacognition
      Suitable for ages 11-16


      License Terms:
      Whole-School License
      Max 50 Users


      System Requirements:
      Microsoft Office
      WinZip (we recommend: 7-Zip or WinRar)
      Windows 7+, 1.5GHZ, 1GB RAM
      File Formats: .doc .pdf. .pptx .zip


      Printing Information:
      This bundle includes a printable bonus resource


      Copyrighted by The Global Metacognition Institute (2019)
      Strictly not for re-distribution outside of your own school.

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