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Student Self-Assessment Worksheets (x5)
  • This download includes five self-assessment worksheets. Each is colourful, double-sided, and includes a range of self-assessment activities.


    To view a sample/preview worksheet click here!


    This resource is designed for teachers of any subject to use in their lessons; it helps students to assess their work and their approach to learning in your subject (i.e. the worksheets are for subject-specific reflections, not generalised ones) 


    These five worksheets, used over the course of a school year, are a great way to boost self-assessment and enhance your general approach to assessment (MAF, AfL). They are an ideal use of DIRT (Dedicated Improvement & Reflection Time) and a useful tool in boosting metacognition, reflective learning, and self-regulated learning.



    Features and Benefits


    1. Clear Learning Objectives: Each worksheet is aligned with specific learning objectives, providing a structured framework for students to evaluate their grasp of the subject matter.


    2. Guided Reflection: Our worksheets prompt students to reflect on their learning journey, encouraging them to identify strengths, challenges, and areas that need improvement.


    3. Goal-Setting Exercises: Empower your students to set achievable goals for their academic progress. Our worksheets guide them in outlining concrete steps towards improvement.


    4. Comprehensive Self-Evaluation: Students engage in comprehensive self-evaluation, analysing their performance across various aspects of the subject. This cultivates a holistic understanding of their progress.


    5. Adaptability: The worksheets are versatile, suitable for various subjects and skill levels. They cater to different learning styles, ensuring every student benefits from the self-assessment process.


    6. Encouraging Metacognition: Through thought-provoking prompts, our worksheets stimulate metacognitive processes, enabling students to think about their thinking and refine their learning strategies.


    7. Promoting Growth Mindset: By acknowledging areas needing improvement and devising strategies to address them, students develop a growth mindset that embraces challenges as opportunities for growth.


    8. Enhancing Communication Skills: Engage students in discussing their self-assessment findings, fostering open dialogue and collaborative learning within the classroom.



    How to Use


    1. Download: Easily download and print the worksheets for classroom use or distribute them digitally to your students.


    2. In-Class or Homework: Integrate the worksheets into your lessons as in-class activities or assign them as homework for extended reflection.


    3. Individual or Group Work: Encourage individual students or groups to complete the worksheets, enabling them to learn from one another's insights.


    4. Regular Practice: Incorporate the worksheets as a regular part of your teaching routine to instil self-assessment as a habit among your students.



    Transform your classroom into a hub of self-directed learners with our self-assessment worksheets. Empower your students to take charge of their learning journey, develop vital skills, and embrace a mindset of continuous growth. Elevate their educational experience today with our thoughtfully crafted self-assessment worksheets!

    Student Self-Assessment Worksheets (x5)

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