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Metacognition Reading Comprehensions (x10)
  • This product includes ten classic reading comprehension worksheets. Each worksheet contains an article relating to metacognition and/or self-regulated learning and a set of questions that aim to measure the students understanding and comprehension of it. The topics covered by these reading comprehension articles are:


    1. Introducing Metacognition
    2. Metamemory & Mnemonics
    3. How to Increase Focus & Concentration
    4. Motivation & Energy [The Brutal Truth]
    5. Emotions, Resilience & Learning
    6. Metacognitive Skills
    7. The Power of Mind-Maps
    8. Self-Reflection, Self-Awareness, & Self-Monitoring
    9. Higher-Order Thinking Skills
    10. Removing Self-Limitting Beliefs & Attitudes


    Reading comprehensions are seen as pretty 'old-school' these days: but they can be a straight-forward way to expose students to new ideas and their answers to the comprehension questions are a simple and direct way to assess understanding. We hope this simple resource will develop literacy skills in students whilst introducing the most important ideas relating to metacognition and self-regulated learning to them.

    Most of the comprehension worksheets also include personal reflection questions which will help students to connect the reading to their own situations so that they can evaluate and regulate their own learning-processes more effectively.


    All files are in .doc (Word) format and are black & white, A4, single-sided worksheets.

    Metacognition Reading Comprehensions (x10)

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    • Focus: Learning Power, Metacognition & Self-Regulated Learning

      Main Aim: To use reading comprehensions to teach about metacognition, self-regulated learning and the enhancement of learning power.

      Designed for students aged 11-16


      License Terms:
      Whole-School License


      System Requirements:
      Microsoft Office
      WinZip (we recommend: 7-Zip or WinRar)
      Windows 7+, 1.5GHZ, 1GB RAM
      File Formats: .doc (Microsoft Word) & .zip


      Printing Information:
      Contains A4 printables

      Copyrighted by The Global Metacognition Institute (2019)
      Strictly not for re-distribution outside of your own school.

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