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The Whole-School Metacognition Toolkit (Gold Edition)
  • Transform your school with this powerful collection of metacognition resources. It includes a massive set of whole-school resources, useful to teachers of all subjects, that boost learning-power and enhance metacognitive strategies.


    This is our largest set of resources: 'The Whole-School Metacognition Toolkit' is a comprehensive educational resource suite designed to enhance metacognition and boost learning-power throughout your school.


    The downloadable collection includes the following twenty metacognitive education tools:

    1. Metacognition Assemblies (x10)
    2. The Metacognitive Debate Generator
    3. A3 Debate Worksheet Sessions (x5)
    4. DIRT Worksheet Collection (Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time)
    5. Meditation, Learning-Power & Deep-Metacognition Resource Pack
    6. A3 Metacognition Personal Reflection Worksheets (x5)
    7. A4 Metacognition Personal Reflection Worksheets (x5)
    8. 'Boosting Brain-Power' Learning Sessions (Healthy-Living, Caring for the Brain)
    9. The Metacognitive Sticky-Note Challenge (Games & Fun Activities)
    10. Metacognition Knowledge Hunt Sessions (x5)
    11. The Power of Mind-Maps (Includes 10 Resources)
    12. Questioning Skills Training Sessions (x5)
    13. The Whole-School Metacognitive Video-Learning Bundle
    14. Whole-School Philosophy (P4C) Sessions (x15)
    15. Reading Comprehension Tasks for Metacognition (x10)
    16. The Metacognitive Workbook
    17. Motivation - 'Reasons to Study X' (Customisable Template)
    18. End-of-Lesson Metacognitive Reflection Mini-Worksheets (x10)
    19. Posters About Metacognition (x10)
    20. Metacognitive Thunks - Philosophical Question Generator


    You can learn more about these resources by viewing them individually here. The toolkit is designed for use with students aged 11-16.


    This product is the definitive whole-school metacognition resource. It is ideal for an organised whole-school initiative or as a shared resource teachers can access at their own pace. The download contains over 250 files and is almost 1GB in size: it is a substantial collection of teaching resources. Ideally you should set up a shared folder that all the teachers in your school can access to these amazing resources.


    Download today and share with all the teachers in your school so that they can have access to a comprehensive suite of moetacognition resources!


    Installation Notes:

    This set of resources is contained in a .zip file, due to its large size the Windows 'unzip' facility sometimes struggles to unpack the file. We suggest using either WinRar or 7-Zip (both are free to download) to unpack these resources.


    The Whole-School Metacognition Toolkit (Gold Edition)


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