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Personal Learning Checklist (PLC) Templates (x4)
  • Personal Learning Checklists (PLCs) feature lists of all required learning for a unit or course: students run through the list, indicating for each topic how confident they feel in relation to it and how secure their learning is.


    Personal learning checklists are a fantastic example of self-regulated learning and metacognition since students can use them to monitor and evaluate their learning and then plan and regulate it accordingly.


    This download includes four PLC templates: teachers need simply need to add the list of topics for their respective subjects and they are ready to go. On the reverse side of each learning checklist is a series of metacognitive reflection tasks and target-setting activities: this enhances the usefulness of the learning checklist and helps students to use of their self-monitoring and evaluation work to steer, direct  and regulate learning.


    Personal Learning Checklists should be used by all teachers in all subjects: they are especially useful in subjects where students are preparing for formal summative assessments [exams] and, ideally, the list of topics on the checklist should be faithful to the exam specification they are using.


    Please note: the preview images depict completed templates for illustrative purposes, teachers will need to add topics for their respective subjects/units before using the PLCs.

    Personal Learning Checklist (PLC) Templates (x4)

    • Focus: Self-Regulated Learning, Metacognition, Subject-Knowledge Checking, Progress Monitoring


      Main Aim: To allow students to monitor and evaluate their progress in relation to subject-knowledge so that they can regulate revision and independent learning accordingly


      Designed for students aged 11-18


      License Terms:
      Whole-School License


      System Requirements:
      Microsoft Office
      WinZip (we recommend: 7-Zip or WinRar)
      Windows 7+, 1.5GHZ, 1GB RAM
      File Formats: .doc (Microsoft Word) & .zip


      Printing Information:
      Contains A4 printables


      Copyrighted by The Global Metacognition Institute (2019)
      Strictly not for re-distribution outside of your own school.

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