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Partnership Opportunity for Educational Consultants
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This opportunity is for educational consultants and curriculum specialists who work directly with schools (with students aged 11-18). 

We need your help getting our range of over 50 pedagogical tools and CPD materials into schools and launching whole-school initiatives focused on metacognition & self-regulated learning.


You will be paid £100 GBP (or $130 USD) whenever you get a school to register one of our Whole-School Plans (at £199.99/year).

Our Whole-School Plans include:

  • Over fifty teaching resources for teachers of all subjects (for students aged 11-18)

  • In-house CPD training materials

  • Access to our online training course for all teaching staff

This is an opportunity to both enhance your work as an educational consultant by improving the services you offer to school whilst boosting your income!


The other perks you will gain from working with us:

  • You can market yourself as a specialist in metacognition and self-regulated learning pedagogy: our resources will do the rest! 

  • You will be helping schools enhance a well-evidenced aspect of pedagogy

  • You will be preparing young people for lifelong learning in the digital age

Terms & Conditions

  • If you would like to partner with us, please contact us.

  • Our resources help students to think about how they can be more effective learners by fostering self-regulated learning skills and developing 'metacognition' (the ability to think deeply about the learning strategies they use and to choose them more effectively)

  • Resources are suitable for teachers of all subjects who work with students aged 11-18. They are relevant to teachers all around the world who are teaching in English.

  • You will earn 50% commission on all Whole-School Plan registrations that you can create through your consultancy work. 

  • Please contact us in advance of school's registering so that we can anticipate your sale.

  • Pay-outs are made via PayPal once payment from the registering school is received

  • Claims should be made within 30 days of the school's registration of a Whole-School Plan

  • If plans are registered at a discount or promotional rate (for example, during a sale, or using a promotional code) you will receive 50% of the amount paid by the school for the first year's subscription.

  • A small percentage of money may be lost due to PayPal fees (e.g. transfer fees and currency conversion fees) depending on PayPal policies. We will send the stated figures and are not responsible for those fees.

  • This partnership program is run in good faith: we want to work with long-term affiliates for mutual benefit. Partners who use deception to make sales will not be paid, partners who bring our organisation into disrepute by flagrantly unethical or deceptive practices will be eliminated from the scheme without pay.

Would you like to work with us?

Click here to contact us...

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