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Primary Professional Areas of Interest

  • Innovations in Teaching and Learning / Metacognition

  • Clinical education through simulation & interprofessional collaboration

  • Aging and caregiving

  • Mental Health (Opioid Substance Use Disorder)

  • Health and public policy

Research Focus

A primary goal of health care professionals is to provide client-centered effective quality care while being cognizant of efficacy and costs. Most health care providers however lack the appreciation of the significant impact and influence public and health policies play in achieving these goals. Dr. Robinson’s research interests include examining how policy impacts practice and reimbursement through the analysis of current and emerging reimbursement policies and systems. Specific areas of practice interests include aging, caregiving, and mental health (Opioid Substance Use Disorder).

As a Clinical Associate Professor, Dr. Robinson also researches the use of simulations in education to bridge the gap between the classroom and the clinic. She participates in collaborative research as a member of the Education for Clinical Interprofessional Simulation Excellence Program; a collaborative program designed for undergraduate and graduate/professional students from ten disciplines to participate in collaborative patient care through patient – provider team-based simulations. This program and other experiences provide opportunities for students to interact and work together to care for complex simulated patients. The overarching goals of the interprofessional or occupational therapy only simulations is to practice and improve clinical skills, client-centered approach to care, teamwork, communication skills, and facilitate a better understanding of various professional roles.

Monica Lee Robinson
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