Three Metacognition Activities to Try With Your Students Today...

These three metacognition activities can be downloaded for free and used in your lessons today! They're ideal for students aged 11-16. We've chosen an activity for the start, middle and end of your lessons respectively: why not use them with your students today and help to build their metacognitive awareness? Metacognition, simply put, means getting students to think deeply about how they learn best and how they can maximise their learning-power. Research has shown it to be one of the most reliable ways to boost student performance and boost learning-power. Download these free metacognition resources!

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Starter: Active Reflection Task (Download)

This 5-10 minute starter-activity encourages metacognition and self-awareness by getting students to evaluate certain claims that appear on the screen. It is an ideal starter activity as it allows students to analyse their readiness to learn. It also contains some basic information about metacognition that students might find useful.

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Mid-Lesson: Think, Pair, Share Discussion Activity (Download)

A simple discussion activity you can use in your lessons, this download contains fifteen of the most important metacognitive questions: each slide has three reflection questions and there are five slides. You can run through them all in a single lesson or spread them out over multiple lessons. Simply run the PowerPoint Show, no preparation needed!

Metacognition Worksheets

End of Lesson: Mini-Reflection Worksheets (Download)

This mini-worksheet can be given to students at the end of a lesson: it's a quick activity that encourages students to become self-aware and to reflect on their current state-of-mind and how it impacts their learning. Simply print this .pdf and guillotine appropriately and you're ready to go!


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