Printable Worksheets for Metacognition

This article provides a general overview of the available metacognition worksheets for students aged 11-16. We shall discuss five different options, all of which are included in our Metacognition Worksheet Collection.

1. Free Worksheets

Download our free metacognition worksheet by clicking here. You might also want to try using The Metacognitive Awareness Inventory as prompt for metacognitive reflection and discussion.


2. A4 Printable Metacognition Worksheets (Download Here) A collection of five A4 Metacognition Personal Reflection Worksheets: all of them are double-sided and colourful. The topics/titles included are:

  • Thinking About Metacognition

  • What Impacts Concentration & Focus

  • How to Boost My Memory

  • Boosting Learning-Power

  • Being an Independent Learner


3. The Dedicated Improvement & Reflection Time (DIRT) Worksheet Collection (Download Here)

Providing students with regular opportunities for Dedicated Improvement & Reflection Time (DIRT) is a highly effective metacognitive strategy. This is a large collection of D.I.R.T. (Dedicated Improvement & Reflection Time) worksheets that can be used by all teachers in your school. These worksheets encourage students to:

  • Reflect on their progress

  • Establish clear targets for improvement

  • Create dialogue with their teachers

This collection features ten different DIRT worksheet formats; perhaps most notable are the four dedicated to metacognitive improvement and reflection [MIRT anyone?]. The four topics covered in these metacognitive reflection worksheets are:

  1. Making The Most of my Time

  2. A Letter to Myself

  3. My Strengths & Weaknesses as a Learner

  4. Progress Check


4. This Set of Ten End of Lesson Mini-Reflection Worksheets (Download Here)

These colourful mini-worksheets, to be used at the very end of lessons, result in efficient student reflection on metacognition and the factors that have impacted their learning in that session. This download contains ten different designs: each one can be used by teachers of all subjects.

The worksheets help to achieve:

  • Evaluation of metacognitive power levels and how they impacted learning in the lesson

  • Identification of metacognitive skills used in the lesson

  • Self-monitoring, self-regulation and self-assessment

  • Reflection on how life-style choices are impacting work

  • Development of metacognitive awareness

They are designed to be printed 4 per A4 page (and then cut/guillotined) so that students are given a 1/4 page worksheet which, once completed, is then stapled or glued into their exercise book. Students should complete these mini-worksheets as a form of DIRT (Dedicated Improvement Reflection Time) as the final activity of a learning-session or lesson. They are very quick: taking less than 5 minutes to distribute, complete and glue in.

By cycling through them, using a different reflection worksheet each time, it allows for varied metacognitive reflection to take place at the end of each lesson with minimal effort on the part of the teacher.

This product alone is a great way to bring metacognition into your school or class-room: there are a number of ways they can be deployed across the school so that students are given a good variety of reflection tasks on a regular basis - perfect for creating a culture of metacognitive reflection. Download this collection of ten different metacognition reflection worksheets today.


5. A3 Metacognition Worksheets (Download Here)

A collection of five A3 Metacognition Personal Reflection Worksheets: all of them are double-sided and colourful. The topics/titles included are:

  1. Introducing Metacognition

  2. Motivation, Plans, Priorities & Targets

  3. Deep-Reading Strategies & Behaviours

  4. Meditation, Mindfulness & Good Mental Health

  5. Higher Order Thinking Skills [HOTS]

All files are in '.doc' format. A simple set of PowerPoint instructions is included.


Alternatively, download them all in this convenient bundle...

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